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Post op Hemorrhoidectomy and Anal Fistula

Wound Care

  1. You may use a cotton gauze pad or a Kotex pad inside your underwear to absorb any drainage that may occur

  2. You may experience some bleeding with bowel movements

  3. Continue to keep the wound clean by using soap and warm water in a tub bath or sitz bath two to three times per day and after bowel movements

Pain and Medication

  1. Take 600mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours as needed with food to reduce inflammation. Do not take for more than 5 days

  2. Take the prescribed pain medications with food and as directed

  3. If pain is NOT reduced with taking prescribed pain medications and ibuprofen, please contact your doctor

  4. Begin taking an over the counter stool softener daily to aid in bowel movements. (Colace or Surfak)

  5. Begin taking a fiber supplement to aid in bowel movements. (Benefiber or Metamucil)

  1. If you become constipated, due to decreased mobility and prescribed pain medication, begin taking an over the counter stool softener daily to aid in bowel movements. (Miralax or Milk of Magnesia)

  2. You may use a pillow to sit on if you find it more comfortable


  1. O.K. to resume preoperative diet

  2. Avoid foods that tend to constipate or "bind" you

  3. Increase fiber in your diet. Examples of high fiber foods include: fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains

  4. Increase fluid intake. (Approximately 64 ounces per day)


  1. Ambulate as tolerated. Gradually increase your activity
  2. No lifting anything greater than 20 pounds until your post operative visit
  3. Discuss returning to work and driving with your doctor
  4. NO DRIVING while taking prescribed pain narcotics

Notify your doctor if you have

  • Increased bleeding, tenderness, or swelling
  • Foul smelling drainage
  • Pain not relieved by your prescription
  • A temperature of 101 degrees or more over a 24 hour period of time
  • NO bowel movement for three (3) days after your procedure

Post op Hemorrhoidectomy and Anal FistulaPost op Hemorrhoidectomy and Anal Fistula

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